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Portable Exchange Deionization Services


Portable Exchange Deionization Services

Winter Industrial Water Treatment provides Portable exchange Deionization Services throughout upstate NY. Portable Exchange deionizers (PEDI) are part of a multiple-process treatment system that produces high-quality water required for specialized applications. PEDI systems reduce both positively and negatively charged ions from water by means of ion exchange resins. We also offer portable exchange softening (PES) systems, which deliver a constant supply of soft water to small and large operations, without a capital investment. When your PEDI tanks are exhausted, a Winter Industrial service technician replaces your ion exchange tanks at your convenience. This system reduces on-site labor and regenerant chemical handling.

We offer configurations of Deionization Systems in separate-bed (also known as dual bed), mixed-bed, and tri bed in sizes, capacities, and configurations designed to meet your water quality and quantity needs.

Benefits of Winter Industrial Water Portable Exhange DI Services

  • No capital investment
  • Guaranteed quality and quantity of water
  • Skilled technicians handle maintenance and tank exchanges
  • No on-site regeneration
  • No on-site chemical storage
  • Improved employee safety – no chemical handling
  • Improved system reliability

Some of the industries we service are Electronic, Manufacturing, Plating, Food Processing, Wine, Pharmaceutical, Schools and Municipalities. We also have service contracts available to fit your needs and we also have lease and rental programs available for all equipment we offer.

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