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Osmonics E4 RO Machines

Osmonics E4 RO Machines are available in configurations of 215 to 10,800 gpd (0.8 to 40.9 m³/d), making them ideal for a variety of applications such as whole home RO, metal plating, car wash, restaurant, greenhouse watering, grocery stores and much more.

The E-Series from Osmonics® delivers a reverse osmosis (RO) machine constructed with the same advanced technology Osmonics has been building on for years. It's backed by the same expertise that goes into our high-end medical market and large industrial ROs. Precise engineering results in ROs that are reliable, efficient and dependable for years of worry-free use. And now, it's all packaged in a cost-effective machine for a variety of RO uses.

  • Pre-engineered standard configurations ensure maximum efficiency and performance
  • All models are available in economy (ECN) and deluxe (DLX) packages to suit virtually any RO need
  • All models utilize multi-stage centrifugal pumps Variable concentrate and recycle flow control valves provide system flexibility
  • ECN models include instrumentation packages that are considered extras on competitors' equipment
  • Vertical frame design provides high-volume output with a small installation footprint
Osmonics E4 RO Machines
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